Amy E. Jones, MS, RDN, LD

I believe in using food as medicine. I started Nutrition Techniques to combine my experiences in the clinical field with my passion for nutrition, ultimately using food as medicine. I take an all-encompassing approach and believe there is a place for all foods in a well-balanced diet. Food is such an intimate part of life – personal preference should always drive the types of foods eaten every day. With the right nutrition foundation, your body is equipped to function at its fullest potential and allows you to live the long and healthy life you want.

Amy Jones RD

Nutrition Your Way

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Throughout my experiences as a dietitian, I’ve come to focus on a phrase that I have heard over and over again. “Can’t you just tell me what to eat?” I used to resent this question. After all, my job is to educate and empower my clients to succeed, not give them the easy way out! At least that is what I thought until I took a step back and realized the ultimate goal: get nutritious food into bodies in the name of health. Now I spend my time helping busy professionals meet that goal the easiest way possible.

I believe everyone should be educated about nutrition. My blog is aimed at distinguishing between uninformed fads and evidence based facts. There, you can read posts in full for comprehensive explanations, or skip to the “Nutrition Technique” for the quick and dirty version.

I believe nutrition should not cause you stress. Some people enjoy planning their meals and writing a grocery list and some people don’t. I’ve created meal plans to do hard work for you. No planning, no recipe searching, no grocery list writing, no stress. Sometimes the best way I can support you is to tell you what to eat.



I am a registered dietitian from Detroit, Michigan. 

I first fell in love with nutrition at Michigan State University, which is where I received my bachelor's degree in dietetics. My master’s in nutrition is from Louisiana Tech University, where I also completed my dietetic clinical rotations. Throughout my college experience I learned to combine my love for food and passion for disease prevention in the field of dietetics. Now living in Portland, Oregon, I manage my own business. I work by day as a consultant dietitian in two local healthcare facilities. My passion is to help individuals prevent, control, or eliminate chronic disease, simply through nutrition.

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